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Single Screw Extruder

Ambitious extrusion technology with an outstanding plasticising system is our specialty. Therefore the extruders we offer are custom-made for your application:

  • Main extruder
  • Coextruder
  • Lab extruder
  • Special-purpose extruder (e. g. micro-extruder)

All machines can optionally be equipped with a degassing system. The individual customisation of the plasticising system ensures you a
maximum degree of utilisation.

Components and Assemblies

Our components for injection moulding machines are optimised especially for a variety of tasks:

  • Non-return valves with improved closing and low wear characteristic
  • Self colouring of your materials by screws with maximum mixing capability
  • Cooling time reduction with screw designs for particularly low mass temperatures
  • High performance screws for the optimal utilisation of stack-moulds or tandem-moulds
  • Long glass fibre and natural fibre screws
  • Micro plasticising units for the reliable control of very small shot weights
  • Degassing units to improve product quality and to reduce energy consumption



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